Charity Campaigns

Birdorable currently supports the following projects. This is your chance to get some cute Birdorable products for yourself or your friends and at the same time support a great cause. Subscribe to our blog to get informed when new campaigns are added. The eligible designs are displayed on the right.

Helping the Flesh-footed ShearwaterPhoto by Lee Gilbert (Flickr)

Helping the Flesh-footed Shearwater

BackgroundThe population of the Flesh-footed Shearwater breeding on Lord Howe Island has declined by about 50% in the past 30+ years. This species faces many threats, but the effects of plastic pollution in our oceans is immense. In one study, over 75% of Flesh-footed Shearwater chicks on Lord Howe were found to have injested large amounts of plastic. The plastic was fed to them by their parents, who mistook the bits of garbage for food.
SupportResearch Fellow Jennifer Lavers is studying Flesh-footed Shearwaters and their relationship with marine pollution, including plastic garbage. 25% of the retail price of each Birdorable product with one of the designs listed on the right will be donated to help her continue her work.
SinceMarch 2013
Kakapo Recovery ProgrammePhoto by jidanchaomian (Flickr)

Kakapo Recovery Programme

BackgroundThe Kakapo is the rarest parrot in the world. It is a flightless bird native to New Zealand. It is also the world's heaviest parrot and possibly the oldest living bird species on the planet. But as of 2009 there are only 124 individuals of this bird in existence. The dedicated team of the Kakapo Recovery Programme work around the clock in an effort to save this amazing, beautiful bird. Birdorable is proud to support Kakapo conservation with our cute Kakapo designs!
Support30% of the retail price of each Birdorable Kakapo product with one of the designs listed on the right will be donated to the Kakapo Recovery Programme. If you'd like to make a donation directly to the Programme in support of Kakapo conservation, click here
SinceOctober 2009
California Condor Conservation: Ventana Wildlife SocietyPhoto by Don Van Dyke (Flickr)

California Condor Conservation: Ventana Wildlife Society

BackgroundThe California Condor has the largest wingspan of any bird found in North America. The bird today is considered critically endangered. In 1987 the last wild California Condor was captured to become part of one of the most expensive conservation projects ever. At that time there were only 22 individuals! In early 2008 this number had increased to over 300 birds, with over 150 in two wild populations. You can learn more about this amazing endangered bird at My Condor.
Support30% of the retail price of each Birdorable Save the California Condor and Return of the California Condor product sale will be donated to The Ventana Wildlife Society. If you'd like to make a donation directly to Ventana to support Condor conservation, click here.
SinceMarch 2008
Genesee Valley Audubon Society, Rochester FalconcamPhoto from

Genesee Valley Audubon Society, Rochester Falconcam

BackgroundBeauty & Dot.Ca are a pair of famous Peregrine Falcons that were the stars of the Genesee Valley Audubon Society's Rochester Falconcam for many years. 2009 was a year of transition for the Rochester falcons; the nestbox was relocated during the winter and a new pair of falcons, Archer and Beauty, entered the scene in the spring.
Support30% of the retail price of each Birdorable Beauty & Dot.Ca or Archer & Beauty product sale will be donated to the Rochester Falconcam. You can also support the Rochester Falconcam by making a donation via their website.
SinceMarch 2008

Retired Campaigns

Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Support for Birds

BackgroundOil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster flowed into the Gulf of Mexico from April 20, 2010. The well was officially sealed 5 months later, on September 19, 2010. The spill caused extensive damage to life in the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. International Bird Rescue has been saving birds since 1971. They were on hand during the oil spill disaster to rescue, recover and rehabilitate oiled birds.
DurationMay 2010 to December 2011
UK Tree Sparrow ResearchPhoto by Kev Chapman (Flickr)

UK Tree Sparrow Research

BackgroundTree Sparrows are unfortunately on the decline in the United Kingdom. Research is being done to determine the cause of the decline as well as track current successful sparrow habitat and breeding grounds.
DurationOctober 2009 to December 2011

Hyacinth Macaw Conservation: Projeto Arara Azul

BackgroundThe Hyacinth Macaw is the largest flying parrot species in the world. They are native to South America and endangered from high levels of poaching and smuggling for pet trade. They are further threatened by increased commercial sale of feather art and habitat loss from human development.
DurationApril 2008 to December 2011
Save the Albatross: BirdLife InternationalPhoto by Ed Dunens (Flickr)

Save the Albatross: BirdLife International

BackgroundAlbatrosses are among the most endangered bird species. 100,000 albatrosses are killed every year on fishing hooks. They are being killed in such vast numbers that they can't breed fast enough to keep up. This is putting them in real danger of extinction.
DurationJuly 2007 to October 2009