The Akekee is a species of finch native to Hawaii. The olive and black bird is a type of honeycreeper is only found on the island of Kaua'i. This beauty is unfortunately critically endangered, due to several factors, including habitat loss.

Akekee Water Bottle (24 oz)
Akekee Infant Organic Creeper
Akekee Circle Ornament
Akekee Kid's Apron
Akekee SIGG Traveller Water Bottle (0.6L)
Akekee Return Label
Akekee Men's Basic Dark T-Shirt
Akekee Heart Ornament
Akekee Wine Charm
Akekee Wine Charm
Akekee Wine Charm
Akekee Wine Charm
Akekee Men's Basic Sweatshirt
Akekee Bumper Sticker
Akekee Jumbo Mug
Akekee Circle Keychain (double-sided)
Akekee Women's Basic Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Akekee Greeting Card
Akekee Women's Canvas Fitted Burnout T-Shirt
Akekee Postcard
Akekee Combo Mug
The Akekee is a species of Hawaiian finch. This honeycreeper is endemic to the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i. The name is also spelled ‘Akeke‘e. These pretty little green-yellow birds have a black mask around ... More

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