Labrador Duck (RIP)

The last confirmed Labrador Duck record came in 1875 when the final collected specimen was shot. The reason for the extinction of the species is not entirely clear. Labrador Ducks may have never been particularly abundant. Because of this, it was never well studied and even its breeding grounds remain a mystery. This original Birdorable design pays homage to a species lost forever. RIP Labrador Duck.

Labrador Duck (RIP) Sandstone Drink Coaster
Labrador Duck (RIP) Postcard
Labrador Duck (RIP) Round Button
Labrador Duck (RIP) Men's Basic T-Shirt
Labrador Duck (RIP) Men's Basic Sweatshirt
Labrador Duck (RIP) Large Necklace
Labrador Duck (RIP) Square Sticker
Labrador Duck (RIP) Kitchen Towel 16" x 24"
Labrador Duck (RIP) Combo Mug
Labrador Duck (RIP) Square Button
Labrador Duck (RIP) Tie
Labrador Duck (RIP) Mousepad
Labrador Duck (RIP) Cotton Throw Pillow
Labrador Duck (RIP) Case-Mate Vibe iPhone 5 Case
Labrador Duck (RIP) Avery Signature Binder 8.5x11"
Labrador Duck (RIP) Medium Stamp 2.1" x 1.3"
Labrador Duck (RIP) Impulse Tote Bag
Labrador Duck (RIP) Round Sticker
Labrador Duck (RIP) Bone China Mug
Labrador Duck (RIP) Water Bottle (24 oz)
Labrador Duck (RIP) Circle Ornament
Labrador Duck (RIP) Pitcher
Labrador Duck (RIP) Women's Basic Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Labrador Duck (RIP) Greeting Card
Labrador Duck (RIP) Postcard
The Labrador Duck is a species of sea duck that probably became extinct sometime in the mid to late 1870s. The species is thought to have never been particularly abundant. Male Labrador Ducks had beautiful, striking ... More

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