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About the Common Kingfisher

Also known as: European Kingfisher, Eurasian Kingfisher, River Kingfisher, Kingfisher

The Common Kingfisher is a small sparrow-sized kingfisher that can be found across Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. It is a resident species in much of its range, but during freezing winters, birds may migrate to warmer climes.

You'll find Common Kingfishers perched 3 to 6 feet above water with its bill pointing down as it searches for prey. It bobs its head when food is detected to gauge the distance, then plunges steeply down to seize its prey below the surface. Common Kingfishers eat mainly fish, but they'll also catch insects and crustaceans including shrimps.

Common Kingfishers are also known as Eurasian Kingfishers. They have a very wide range and a conservation status of Least Concern as of September 2014.

Details & Stats

Hatched Added to Birdorable on: 13 March 2009
Scientific Name Alcedo atthis
  • Coraciiformes
  • Alcedinidae
  • Alcedo
  • A. atthis
Birdorable Family Kingfishers & Friends
Conservation Status Least Concern
  • Least Concern (LC)
  • Near Threatened (NT)
  • Vulnerable (VU)
  • Endangered (EN)
  • Critically Endangered (CR)
  • Extinct in the Wild (EW)
  • Extinct (EX)
Source: IUCN Red List
(as of 28 July 2017)
Units: Imperial Metric
6.3 inches
10 inches
.67 to 1.7 ounces
Range West Europe East Europe North Europe South Europe West Asia Central Asia East Asia Southeast Asia South Asia North Africa West Africa

International Names

  • Ledňáček říční (Czech)
  • Isfugl (Danish)
  • IJsvogel (Dutch)
  • Kuningaskalastaja (Finnish)
  • Martin-pêcheur d'Europe (French)
  • Eisvogel (German)
  • Martin Pescatore Comune (Italian)
  • カワセミ (kawasemi) (Japanese)
  • Kongsfisker (Norwegian)
  • Zimorodek (Polish)
  • Обыкновенный зимородок (Russian)
  • Martín Pescador Común (Spanish)
  • Kungsfiskare (Swedish)

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