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Harlequin Duck

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About the Harlequin Duck

Also known as: Painted Duck, Totem Pole Duck, Rock Duck, Sea Mouse, Glacier Duck, Mountain Duck, White-eyed Diver, Squeaker, Blue Streak
The Harlequin Duck is a very beautiful species of sea duck found along coastal waters across North America and eastern Asia. They prefer fast-moving water and breed near fast-flowing streams.

Male Harlequin Ducks have a striking plumage of slate blue, white, and chestnut. They get their name from the colorful masked character Harlequin from an Italian style of improvisational comedy theater.

Harlequin Ducks feed by diving for marine invertebrates, fish, and aquatic insects. They may also feed by dabbling.

Details & Stats

Hatched Added to Birdorable on: 17 December 2015
Scientific Name Histrionicus histrionicus
  • Anseriformes
  • Anatidae
  • Histrionicus
  • H. histrionicus
Birdorable Family Ducks & Geese
Conservation Status Least Concern
  • Least Concern (LC)
  • Near Threatened (NT)
  • Vulnerable (VU)
  • Endangered (EN)
  • Critically Endangered (CR)
  • Extinct in the Wild (EW)
  • Extinct (EX)
Source: IUCN Red List
(as of 11 October 2017)
Units: Imperial Metric
13 to 21.3 inches
22 to 26 inches
17.6 to 25.6 ounces
Range East Asia North America United States (West) United States (East) Asia Americas

International Names

  • 丑鸭 (Chinese)
  • kačka strakatá (Czech)
  • Strømand (Danish)
  • Harlekijneend (Dutch)
  • virta-alli (Finnish)
  • Arlequin plongeur (French)
  • Kragenente (German)
  • Moretta arlecchino (Italian)
  • シノリガモ [shinorigamo] (Japanese)
  • 흰줄박이오리 (Korean)
  • Harlekinand (Norwegian)
  • kamieniuszka (Polish)
  • Pato-arlequim (Portuguese)
  • Каменушка (Russian)
  • Pato Arlequín (Spanish)
  • Strömand (Swedish)

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