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Saker Falcon

Salmon-crested Cockatoo
Saint Lucia Parrot

About the Saker Falcon

Also known as: Snake Falcon, Altai Falcon

The Saker Falcon is a very large species of falcon that breeds across parts of eastern Europe and much of central Asia. Some birds are year-round residents in the Middle East, while others winter south of their breeding territory, in southern parts of Europe or Asia, or into central Africa.

Saker Falcons prefer a habitat of open grassland with nearby trees or cliffs. They hunt on the wing, rather than hovering or from a stoop.

Saker Falcons have been used in the sport of falconry for thousands of years. In the wild, they are considered Endangered due to habitat loss, as well as other factors. The Saker Falcon is the official national bird of Hungary.

Details & Stats

Hatched Added to Birdorable on: 16 May 2015
Scientific Name Falco cherrug
  • Falconiformes
  • Falconidae
  • Falco
  • F. cherrug
Birdorable Family Birds of Prey
Units: Imperial Metric
18 to 22 inches
42 to 50 inches
26 to 46 ounces
Range East Europe West Asia Central Asia East Asia West Africa Central Africa East Africa

International Names

  • 猎隼 (Chinese)
  • raroh velký (Czech)
  • Slagfalk (Danish)
  • Sakervalk (Dutch)
  • aavikkohaukka (Finnish)
  • Faucon sacre (French)
  • Würgfalke (German)
  • Falco sacro (Italian)
  • セアカアハヤブサ [se-ka-hayabusa] (Japanese)
  • 헨다손매 (Korean)
  • Tartarfalk (Norwegian)
  • raróg (Polish)
  • Falcão-sacre (Portuguese)
  • Балобан (Russian)
  • Halcón Sacre (Spanish)
  • Tatarfalk (Swedish)

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