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Western Screech-Owl

Western Scrub-Jay

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Western Scrub-Jay

  • Aphelocoma californica
  • Corvids, Shrikes & Friends
Western Meadowlark

About the Western Screech-Owl

Also known as: Western Screech-Owl

The Western Screech-Owl is a small species of owl that lives across western parts of North America, into parts of Central America. They can be found west of the Rocky Mountains.

Western Screech Owls are small, measuring under 9 inches tall with a wingspan of just about 22 inches. They are either brownish or dark grey, and have cute little ear tufts on the tops of their heads.

Like their cousins, the Eastern Screech Owl, Western Screech Owls are cavity nesters. They use holes that were excavated by woodpeckers, sometimes even in cactus plants.

Details & Stats

Hatched Added to Birdorable on: 22 May 2012
Scientific Name Megascops kennicottii
  • Strigiformes
  • Strigidae
  • Megascops
  • M. kennicottii
Birdorable Family Owls
Conservation Status Least Concern
  • Least Concern (LC)
  • Near Threatened (NT)
  • Vulnerable (VU)
  • Endangered (EN)
  • Critically Endangered (CR)
  • Extinct in the Wild (EW)
  • Extinct (EX)
Source: IUCN Red List
(as of 27 July 2017)
Units: Imperial Metric
7.5 to 9.8 inches
21.7 to 24.4 inches
100 to 305 ounces
Range North America Central America United States (West)

International Names

  • výreček západní (Czech)
  • Vestamerikansk Dværghornugle (Danish)
  • Westelijke Schreeuwuil (Dutch)
  • lännenkirkupöllönen (Finnish)
  • Petit-duc des montagnes (French)
  • Westkreischeule (German)
  • Assiolo americano occidentale (Italian)
  • ニシアメリカオオコノハズク [nishiamerikaookonohazuku] (Japanese)
  • Totemugle (Norwegian)
  • syczek zachodni (Polish)
  • Западная совка (Russian)
  • Autillo Occidental (Spanish)
  • Västlig skrikdvärguv (Swedish)

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