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Birdorable European Starling

New Cute Birdorable Bird: The European Starling

December 7th, 2007 in New Birds, Starlings 5 comments

Starlings are native to most of Europe and western Asia. They have also been introduced to Australia & New Zealand, South Africa and North America. They are among the most familiar birds in the world. These intelligent birds are known for their abilty to mimic sounds and for forming huge flocks at roosting time. This is our totally cute Birdorable version of the European Starling.

Birdorable European Starlings
Birdorable Western Grebe

The Birdorable Western Grebe

December 2nd, 2007 in New Birds, Waterbirds, Grebes 6 comments

The Western Grebe is the latest bird to be cutified as a Birdorable. Western Grebes are water birds that live in North America. During their elaborate courtship rituals, pairs of Grebes will race madly across the water. Both parents raise the chicks and both will carry them on their back, as seen in this - our totally cute Birdorable version of the Western Grebe.

Birdorable Western Grebe
Birdorable Vermilion Flycatcher

New bird alert: Vermilion Flycatcher

November 25th, 2007 in New Birds, New Designs 2 comments

The Vermilion Flycatcher is the 82nd bird to be cutified as a Birdorable. These are small perching birds that live in the Southwestern United States down to central South America. Males are strikingly colored bright red with a mask-like stripe across the eyes. This is our totally cute Birdorable version of the Vermilion Flycatcher. Check out these new cute designs:

Chick Magnet

November 22nd, 2007 in New Designs No comments
A Birdorable cute baby chick is being drawn upwards by a huge magnet - it's a chick magnet! A cute, funny design for chick magnets with a sense of humor. A Birdorable original.
Birdorable Chick Magnet t-shirt