Birdorable Long-crested Eagle

2013 Bonanza Bird #10: Long-crested Eagle

We're adding new birds each day until we reach our 500th Birdorable species! Today's Bonanza bird is the Long-crested Eagle.

Long-crested Eagles live in parts of sub-Saharan Africa in forested areas or at forest edges. They can also be found on cultivated lands.

Long-crested eagle (Lophaetus occipitalis)
Long-crested eagle (Lophaetus occipitalis) by Lip Kee (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Long-crested Eagles are very vocal. They call in flight or when perched, and really ramp up the vocalizations when breeding season begins.

long-crested eagle

Tomorrow's bird is a New World warbler named for what it eats, sort of.