Birdorable Hoopoe

Baby Birdorable: Hoopoe

June 4th, 2010 in Baby Birds 9 comments

If you think our Birdorable birds are cute as adults, what about when they are babies? Below are some baby photos (shared via Flickr) of the Hoopoe. The Eurasian Hoopoe lives throughout northern parts of Africa, and much of Europe and Asia. We have been lucky to see them during some of our travels, but we were never so lucky to see a baby! Hoopoes nest in cavities, usually in trees but also in man-made structures like walls. Females alone incubate the eggs; incubation lasts 15 to 18 days. Clutch size ranges from 4 to 12 eggs, depending on location. Fledging takes place up to 29 days from hatching.

Upupa epops
Upupa epops by Jan Svetlík
Hoopoe -  Upupa - Upupa Epops 01
Hoopoe - Upupa - Upupa Epops 01 by ilarius
Bébé Huppe
Bébé Huppe by jmcgsxr
Hoopoe ( Upupa epops ) Inmature
Hoopoe ( Upupa epops ) Inmature by diegocon1964
Upupa epops
Upupa epops by Jan Svetlík
Upupa epops
Upupa epops by Jan Svetlík
Baby Hoopoe
Baby Hoopoe by sumank
Food time
Food time by Alkassim
puputs - abubillas ( upupa epops)
puputs - abubillas ( upupa epops) by daniela cruz

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