Birdorable in Bird Talk Magazine!

We're so excited that Bird Talk Magazine has featured Birdorable in the Avian Flair section of their August issue!

Birdorable featured in Bird Talk Magazine Aug 2008
Birdorable shown in Bird Talk Magazine's Avian Flair, August 2008

Bird Talk is all about better care of pet parrots and other birds. Avian Flair is their regular style section that highlights apparel, accessories and home decor for pet bird owners. The text reads:

Sport your Birdorable today! With more than 25 parrot designs to choose from, plus many other types of birds, you can have your favorite Birdorable on shirts, bags and more. Contact: Birdorable;

Many thanks to reader Ellon for making us aware of this article. Have you seen Birdorable in the press? Please let us know!

Birdorable in Bird Talk Magazine Aug 2008
The cover of the Aug 2008 issue of Bird Talk Magazine


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