Birdorable European Shag

Introducing The Shag

December 9th, 2008 in Cormorants, New Birds 8 comments
birdorable European Shag

Our 154th Birdorable bird and the answer to the last Spot the Birdorable is the European Shag. This cute cormorant can be found across Europe, northern Africa and south Asia. Shags are deep divers. Using depth gauges, they have been shown to dive as deep as nearly 150 feet.

What birdwatcher doesn't enjoy Shags? Especially this cute little Shag in this original design from Birdorable. A cheeky design for fun-loving birders everywhere.

Shag and Guillemot Colony - Farne (Phalocrocorax Aristotelis)
Shag, Farne Islands (Northumberland), 13-May-04
Photo by Dave Appleton