Spot the Birdorable 20

September 29th, 2008 in Spot the Birdorable 2 comments
Here's another Spot the Birdorable. It's been quiet here on Birdorable lately. The reason for this inactivity is that last week we moved from Europe to the USA and we've been quite busy with that. Expect some more cute and fun posts and new birds here on Birdorable in the coming weeks. We'll start off with this new bird which we'll add this week. Can you guess what Birdorable bird this is?
Spot the Birdorable Quiz 20
This duck has a bright blue bill and can be found across much of North America. The answer to the last 'Spot the Birdorable' was Northern Mockingbird, which was guessed right by Ashira and jibi.