Australian Pelican

About the Australian Pelican

Also known as: Australasian Pelican
The Australian Pelican is a large species of waterbird native to Australia, New Guinea, Fiji, and Indonesia. They only breed in Australia and can be found in other parts of their range in the non-breeding parts of the year.

Australian Pelicans can be recognized by their white body plumage, black wings, and enormously long pink bill. They feed on fish, shrimp, and other aquatic prey items. They forage by plunging into the water while swimming on the surface, often in cooperative hunting groups.
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Details & Statistics

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Hatched on 12 December 2020
Scientific Name
Pelecanus conspicillatus
  • Pelecaniformes
  • Pelecanidae
  • Pelecanus
  • P. conspicillatus
Birdorable Family
Units: Imperial / Metric
59.8 to 70 inches
90.6 to 102.4 inches
141 to 459 ounces

International Names

Chinese (汉语) 澳洲鹈鹕
Czech (Cesky) pelikán australský
Danish (Dansk) Australsk Pelikan
Dutch (Nederlands) Australische Pelikaan
Finnish (Suomi) australianpelikaani
French (Français) Pélican à lunettes
German (Deutsch) Brillenpelikan
Italian (Italiano) Pellicano australiano
Japanese (日本語) コシグロペリカン (koshiguroperikan)
Norwegian (Norsk) Australpelikan
Polish (Polski) pelikan australijski
Portuguese (Português) Pelicano-de-óculos
Russian (русский язык) Австралийский пеликан
Spanish (Español) Pelícano Australiano
Swedish (Svenska) australisk pelikan
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