Indian Vulture

About the Indian Vulture
Also known as: Long-billed Vulture
Indian Vulture

The Indian Vulture is a large species of Old World vulture. They live in southeastern Pakistan and across much of the eastern half of India.

Indian Vultures are closely related to Griffon Vultures. They have dark heads with pale yellow bills and brown-to-buff body plumage.

The Indian Vulture is Critically Endangered, with a rapidly decreasing population. The use of the livestock drug diclofenac has proven to be a major threat to Indian Vultures. Alternative livestock medication may also be fatal when consumed by vultures. Conservationists are working on awareness programs and spreading more widespread use of a safe diclofenac alternative to try to reverse the demise of the Indian Vulture.

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The Indian Vulture is listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List and was last assessed in 2015 by BirdLife International. This species is classified as Critically Endangered because it has suffered an extremely rapid population decline as a result of mortality from feeding on carcasses of animals treated with the veterinary drug diclofenac.

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