The critically endangered Kakapo parrot of New Zealand is unique and special for many reasons. The largest parrot, a flightless bird, a nocturnal species. The Kakapo is also the only flightless species of bird to use a lek breeding system for mating. During part of the lekking process, males compete for females by displaying and making a "booming" sound. Boom! This fun design is inspired by the booms of the lekking Kakapo. Pick this up for the Kakapo lover on your list! Only true Kakapo fans will "get" this unique and cute cartoon design.
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BOOOOM! Rickshaw Large Zero Messenger Bag
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The Kakapo, or Owl Parrot, is a large flightless parrot that is endemic to New Zealand. It is critically endangered; as of April 2009 there were only 125 living individuals known.Historically, the bird has been ... More

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