Birdorables are always cute, and they can be funny too! This is our collection of funny t-shirts and gift ideas with silly Birdorable designs made to make you laugh! You'll find Birdorable Tits placed strategically on shirts, plus funny Birdorable Chicks

American Goldfinch: Po-ta-to-chip!
American Goldfinch: Po-ta-to-chip! - American Goldfinches love potato chips so much, they sing about them all the time.
Are Redheads Better?
Are Redheads Better? - Love redheads? How about Redheads? What's better than a Redhead, anyway?
Avocet Asks: What's Up?
Avocet Asks: What's Up? - Wanna know what's up? Ask Avocet, he always knows.
Blue Tits
Blue Tits - A fun, cheeky design for anyone that loves tits - Blue Tits.
BOOOOM! - Boom! That's the sound a male Kakapo makes when lekking (competing for a mate).
Born to Fish
Born to Fish - Cute Green Heron design with a distinct fishing angle.
Chick Magnet
Chick Magnet - A great, funny gift idea for chick magnets everywhere!
Funny Birdorable Mallard Duck Butts
Funny Birdorable Mallard Duck Butts - Cute & funny gifts for bird and duck lovers. Customize the products in this section - make it your own!
Customizable PI-geon
Customizable PI-geon - This cute Birdorable Pigeon design is a play on the symbol for PI.
Cute Blue-footed Boobies
Cute Blue-footed Boobies - Blue-footed Boobies are large seabirds that live on Pacific islands. What were you thinking of?!
Cutie PaTUTI Tufted Titmouse
Cutie PaTUTI Tufted Titmouse - The better way to spell "Cutie Patootie" when Tufted Titmice are involved.
Don't Mess With WWDs
Don't Mess With WWDs - If you know what's good for you, you'll steer clear of the White-winged Doves. They can be bad to the bone!
Eastern Towhee: Drink Your Tea!
Eastern Towhee: Drink Your Tea! - Fancy teacups and towhees go together like Earl Grey and crumpets.
Geese Symbol with Canada Goose
Geese Symbol with Canada Goose - Show your support for peace on earth with this cute Birdorable peace design.
Girl with a Pearl Cockatiel
Girl with a Pearl Cockatiel - A cute Birdorable Pearl Cockatiel perches on the shoulder of the Girl with a Pearl Earring.
got lemmings? with Snowy Owl
got lemmings? with Snowy Owl - Lemmings and Snowy Owls go together. This cute spoof design is for anyone who loves Snowies!
Great Tits
Great Tits - A couple of Great Tits on a shirt, seems simple enough but oh, so funny.
Horned Lark: Cute & Devilish
Horned Lark: Cute & Devilish - The horns make the Horned Lark cute AND devilish. An original design from Birdorable!
I Can Has Monkey? Philippine Eagle
I Can Has Monkey? Philippine Eagle - This large bird of prey also goes by the name "Monkey-eating Eagle" -- so called because it was once thought that they fed exclusively on monkeys.
I Can Has Roadkill?
I Can Has Roadkill? - This lolvulture says I Can Has Roadkill? Fun design for vulture lovers.
I Love Tits (BCCH)
I Love Tits (BCCH) - Another fun, cheeky gift idea from Birdorable. Who doesn't love tits? Chick-a-dee-dee-dee-dee!
I Love Tits (birds)
I Love Tits (birds) - Three cute tits make up this funny, original design for bird lovers. Tits FTW!
I Love Tits (EU)
I Love Tits (EU) - Love tits? Eurasian ones? Let Long-tailed, Great, and Blue help you with your message of birdy love.
Junco Junkie
Junco Junkie - This cute design features all kinds of juncos! Perfect for junco lovers!
Keep Calm & Carrion (crow)
Keep Calm & Carrion (crow) - A cute spoof design featuring a Birdorable Carrion Crow in a familiar propaganda catchphrase.
Keep Calm and Carrion
Keep Calm and Carrion - If you say it aloud, you can't even tell it's a spoof. A good motto for everyone, especially vultures!
Keep Calm and Meow
Keep Calm and Meow - A cute spoof design featuring a cartoon of a charismatic bird. Just meow, catbird!
KonkaREE! Red-winged Blackbird
KonkaREE! Red-winged Blackbird - The distinctive call of the Red-winged Blackbird is a sign of spring for many.
Loon Ranger
Loon Ranger - Hi-Yo, Birders! It's the Loon Ranger!
Magpie / Mag PI
Magpie / Mag PI - A cute Birdorable design using the symbol for PI.
Mmmm, Caique!
Mmmm, Caique! - A funny design for cake - I mean caique - lovers! Mmm, caique!
Mona Lisa & Budgies
Mona Lisa & Budgies - Birdorable Budgies make da Vinci's masterpiece a true work of art.
Not a House Sparrow!
Not a House Sparrow! - Yes, this dapper little bird is a sparrow. Just don't call it a House Sparrow, oh no!
Oh Sweet Canada
Oh Sweet Canada - A Birdorable White-throated Sparrow sings its northern mnemonic. Oh sweet Canada, Canada, Canada!
One day I'm going to be the Pope!
One day I'm going to be the Pope! - This cute Cardinal wants to be the pope! Funny design for birdwatchers, backyard birders and cardinal lovers.
Osprey: I Can Has Fish?
Osprey: I Can Has Fish? - Ospreys love fish. In fact, they spend all day, every day, thinking about nothing but fish.
Owls are cool
Owls are cool - A Barred Owl is pretty cool on its own. With sunglasses, look out!
Pecker Checker
Pecker Checker - Perfect for when you go looking for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers.
Peruvian Boobies
Peruvian Boobies - Peruvian Boobies could mean something else entirely, but we're talking about cute birds, people!
Pigeon Whisperer
Pigeon Whisperer - This funny design was made for the Dr. Doolittle in your life.
Puffin Prowess
Puffin Prowess - What's cuter than an Atlantic Puffin with a beak full of fish?
Queen Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Queen Victoria Crowned Pigeon - A cool vintage royal / Birdorable mashup for Victoria Crowned Pigeon fans.
Swamp Bandit
Swamp Bandit - The Common Yellowthroat has a fun old-fashioned nickname. Beware the Swamp Bandit!
The Cowbird
The Cowbird - This fun cowbird design is a play on the most famous movie mobster family of all time.
Toucan Tower
Toucan Tower - Stack any bird on top of a toucan and you've got yourself a Toucan Tower. Toco Toucan's pal White-fronted Amazon joins in the fun.
Toucans Are Better Than One
Toucans Are Better Than One - Even better when those Toucans are Keel-billed Toucans by Birdorable. Too cute!
Tough Titmice
Tough Titmice - These aren't just Tufted Titmice, these are two really Tough Titmice!
Tough Titmouse
Tough Titmouse - This cute design features a remarkable Tufted Titmouse. He's tough!
Tufted Coquette is *EXTRA*
Tufted Coquette is *EXTRA* - There’s a lot going on in the plumage of a male Tufted Coquette. You might even call them *EXTRA*.
Warbler Neck
Warbler Neck - Warbler Neck Awareness Month is May. Are you ready for some warblers?
Who are you calling Harpy?
Who are you calling Harpy? - Our cute Birdorable Harpy Eagle stands here with the funny phrase "Who are you calling Harpy?"
Who the Tweet is Sam Peabody?
Who the Tweet is Sam Peabody? - Poor Sam Peabody. All the White-throated Sparrows know about him, but the titmice are clueless.
Witchety Witchety Witchety
Witchety Witchety Witchety - In this cute design our Birdorable Common Yellowthroat is singing his song. This is perfect for anyone that loves these beautiful little warblers.