Birdorables are always cute, and they can be funny too! This is our collection of funny t-shirts and gift ideas with silly Birdorable designs made to make you laugh! You'll find Birdorable Tits placed strategically on shirts, plus funny Birdorable Chicks

Just Yapping Around
Just Yapping Around - Explore our funny collection of Black-necked Stilt Birdorable gifts featuring the silly slogan "Just Yapping Around". Black-necked Stilts are nicknamed Marsh Poodles due to...
European Robin Hood
European Robin Hood - Shop our fun collection of Birdorable European Robin Hood t-shirts, apparel, and gifts, featuring our adorable cartoon robin decked out in a classic Robin...
One In a Vermilion
One In a Vermilion - Bird lovers, browse through gifts with our Birdorable Vermilion Flycatcher featuring the catchy slogan "One In A Vermilion." This eye-catching design showcases our adorable...
Or Is It Pileated?
Or Is It Pileated? - Our funny design, "Or Is It Pileated," plays on the two accepted but wildly different pronunciations of the word Pileated. Both spelled the same...
got legs?
got legs? - Check out our fun collection of Black-necked Stilt Birdorable gifts featuring the playful slogan "got legs?"! With cute cartoon designs of this long-legged bird,...
Waxwing Wine Club
Waxwing Wine Club - This funny design is great for wine lovers and fans of Cedar Waxwings. Our cute cartoon version of this special bird illustrates an imagined...
I Found the Mangrove Warbler
I Found the Mangrove Warbler - This cute design for birders is perfect for anyone who has added the specialty subspecies of the Yellow Warbler, the Mangrove Warbler, to their...
American Goldfinch: Po-ta-to-chip!
American Goldfinch: Po-ta-to-chip! - American Goldfinches love potato chips so much, they sing about them all the time.
The Cowbird
The Cowbird - This fun cowbird design is a play on the most famous movie mobster family of all time.
Are Redheads Better?
Are Redheads Better? - Love redheads? How about Redheads? What's better than a Redhead, anyway?
BOOOOM! - Boom! That's the sound a male Kakapo makes when lekking (competing for a mate).
Born to Fish
Born to Fish - Cute Green Heron design with a distinct fishing angle.
Customizable PI-geon
Customizable PI-geon - This cute Birdorable Pigeon design is a play on the symbol for PI.
Cutie PaTUTI Tufted Titmouse
Cutie PaTUTI Tufted Titmouse - The better way to spell "Cutie Patootie" when Tufted Titmice are involved.
Don't Mess With WWDs
Don't Mess With WWDs - If you know what's good for you, you'll steer clear of the White-winged Doves. They can be bad to the bone!
Eastern Towhee: Drink Your Tea!
Eastern Towhee: Drink Your Tea! - Fancy teacups and towhees go together like Earl Grey and crumpets.
Funny Birdorable Mallard Duck Butts
Funny Birdorable Mallard Duck Butts - Cute & funny gifts for bird and duck lovers. Customize the products in this section - make it your own!
Geese Symbol with Canada Goose
Geese Symbol with Canada Goose - Show your support for peace on earth with this cute Birdorable peace design.
Girl with a Pearl Cockatiel
Girl with a Pearl Cockatiel - A cute Birdorable Pearl Cockatiel perches on the shoulder of the Girl with a Pearl Earring.
got lemmings? with Snowy Owl
got lemmings? with Snowy Owl - Lemmings and Snowy Owls go together. This cute spoof design is for anyone who loves Snowies!
Great Tits
Great Tits - A couple of Great Tits on a shirt, seems simple enough but oh, so funny.
Horned Lark: Cute & Devilish
Horned Lark: Cute & Devilish - The horns make the Horned Lark cute AND devilish. An original design from Birdorable!
I Can Has Marrow?
I Can Has Marrow? - Our funny spoof meme design reads "I CAN HAS MARROW"? The slogan is accompanied by a cute cartoon image of a Bearded Vulture, also...
I Can Has Monkey? Philippine Eagle
I Can Has Monkey? Philippine Eagle - This large bird of prey also goes by the name "Monkey-eating Eagle" -- so called because it was once thought that they fed exclusively on monkeys.
I Can Has Roadkill?
I Can Has Roadkill? - This lolvulture says I Can Has Roadkill? Fun design for vulture lovers.
I Can Has Snail? with Snail Kite
I Can Has Snail? with Snail Kite - Snail Kites eat snails, not cheeseburgers. If they could talk, I'm sure this would be one of their catchphrases.
I Love Tits (BCCH)
I Love Tits (BCCH) - Another fun, cheeky gift idea from Birdorable. Who doesn't love tits? Chick-a-dee-dee-dee-dee!
I Love Tits (birds)
I Love Tits (birds) - Three cute tits make up this funny, original design for bird lovers. Tits FTW!
I Love Tits (EU)
I Love Tits (EU) - Love tits? Eurasian ones? Let Long-tailed, Great, and Blue help you with your message of birdy love.
Junco Junkie
Junco Junkie - This cute design features all kinds of juncos! Perfect for junco lovers!
Keep Calm & Carrion (crow)
Keep Calm & Carrion (crow) - A cute spoof design featuring a Birdorable Carrion Crow in a familiar propaganda catchphrase.
Keep Calm and Bateleur
Keep Calm and Bateleur - This fun design is a silly spoof of a familiar slogan. KEEP CALM AND BATELEUR features our unique cartoon illustration of a Bateleur eagle...
Keep Calm and Carrion
Keep Calm and Carrion - If you say it aloud, you can't even tell it's a spoof. A good motto for everyone, especially vultures!
Keep Calm and Meow
Keep Calm and Meow - A cute spoof design featuring a cartoon of a charismatic bird. Just meow, catbird!
KonkaREE! Red-winged Blackbird
KonkaREE! Red-winged Blackbird - The distinctive call of the Red-winged Blackbird is a sign of spring for many.
Loon Ranger
Loon Ranger - Hi-Yo, Birders! It's the Loon Ranger!
Magpie / Mag PI
Magpie / Mag PI - A cute Birdorable design using the symbol for PI.
Mmmm, Caique!
Mmmm, Caique! - A funny design for cake - I mean caique - lovers! Mmm, caique!
Mona Lisa & Budgies
Mona Lisa & Budgies - Birdorable Budgies make da Vinci's masterpiece a true work of art.
Not a House Sparrow!
Not a House Sparrow! - Yes, this dapper little bird is a sparrow. Just don't call it a House Sparrow, oh no!
Oh Sweet Canada
Oh Sweet Canada - A Birdorable White-throated Sparrow sings its northern mnemonic. Oh sweet Canada, Canada, Canada!
One day I'm going to be the Pope!
One day I'm going to be the Pope! - This cute Cardinal wants to be the pope! Funny design for birdwatchers, backyard birders and cardinal lovers.
Osprey: I Can Has Fish?
Osprey: I Can Has Fish? - Ospreys love fish. In fact, they spend all day, every day, thinking about nothing but fish.
Owls are cool
Owls are cool - A Barred Owl is pretty cool on its own. With sunglasses, look out!
Pecker Checker
Pecker Checker - Perfect for when you go looking for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers.
Pecking Order
Pecking Order - Four species of woodpecker, featured in our cute cartoon style, line up in order -- pecking order! The woodpeckers are the Black Woodpecker and...
Pigeon Whisperer
Pigeon Whisperer - This funny design was made for the Dr. Doolittle in your life.
Puffin Prowess
Puffin Prowess - What's cuter than an Atlantic Puffin with a beak full of fish?
Queen Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Queen Victoria Crowned Pigeon - A cool vintage royal / Birdorable mashup for Victoria Crowned Pigeon fans.
Swamp Bandit
Swamp Bandit - The Common Yellowthroat has a fun old-fashioned nickname. Beware the Swamp Bandit!
Blue Tits
Blue Tits - A fun, cheeky design for anyone that loves tits - Blue Tits.
Toucan Tower
Toucan Tower - Stack any bird on top of a toucan and you've got yourself a Toucan Tower. Toco Toucan's pal White-fronted Amazon joins in the fun.
Toucans Are Better Than One
Toucans Are Better Than One - Even better when those Toucans are Keel-billed Toucans by Birdorable. Too cute!
Cute Blue-footed Boobies
Cute Blue-footed Boobies - Blue-footed Boobies are large seabirds that live on Pacific islands. What were you thinking of?!
Tough Titmice
Tough Titmice - These aren't just Tufted Titmice, these are two really Tough Titmice!
Tough Titmouse
Tough Titmouse - This cute design features a remarkable Tufted Titmouse. He's tough!
Tufted Coquette is *EXTRA*
Tufted Coquette is *EXTRA* - There’s a lot going on in the plumage of a male Tufted Coquette. You might even call them *EXTRA*.
U Jelly?
U Jelly? - Baltimore Orioles know all about the jelly.
Warbler Neck
Warbler Neck - Warbler Neck Awareness Month is May. Are you ready for some warblers?
Who are you calling Harpy?
Who are you calling Harpy? - Our cute Birdorable Harpy Eagle stands here with the funny phrase "Who are you calling Harpy?"
Who the Tweet is Sam Peabody?
Who the Tweet is Sam Peabody? - Poor Sam Peabody. All the White-throated Sparrows know about him, but the titmice are clueless.
Witchety Witchety Witchety
Witchety Witchety Witchety - In this cute design our Birdorable Common Yellowthroat is singing his song. This is perfect for anyone that loves these beautiful little warblers.
Avocet Asks: What's Up?
Avocet Asks: What's Up? - Wanna know what's up? Ask Avocet, he always knows.
Peruvian Boobies
Peruvian Boobies - Peruvian Boobies could mean something else entirely, but we're talking about cute birds, people!
Chick Magnet
Chick Magnet - A great, funny gift idea for chick magnets everywhere!