This is our collection of Birdorable gear and sampler-style designs featuring multiple birds.

12 Ducks
12 Ducks - Twelve cartoon ducks, swimming in formation. What could be cuter?
16 North American Raptor Profiles
16 North American Raptor Profiles - Sixteen birds of prey from across North America are shown in colorful profile.
2020-2021 Finch Irruption
2020-2021 Finch Irruption - Finches! Finches everywhere! 2020 has brought birders a couple of treats –more people enjoying the hobby, the rediscovery of the backyard patch, and, finally, a fantastic finch season.
6 Birdorable Warblers
6 Birdorable Warblers - Learn at least six of your spring warblers with this cute original from Birdorable!
9 Northeast USA Backyard Birds
9 Northeast USA Backyard Birds - Nine cute cartoon birds that you might find in your northeastern USA backyard.
9 Southeast USA Backyard Birds
9 Southeast USA Backyard Birds - Here are nine cute cartoon birds you might find in your back yard in the southeastern USA.
Autumn Wreath of North American Birds
Autumn Wreath of North American Birds - North American birds perch on and around a fall-themed holiday foliage wreath.
Birding Up North
Birding Up North - Sax-Zim Bog birding at its finest - Up North with Boreal Chickadee, Great Gray Owl, and others.
Birdorable Crowd
Birdorable Crowd - A huge crowd of Birdorable birds stand in a colorful collage image.
Birdorable Earth Day
Birdorable Earth Day - Birds from around the world perch around a green-tinted earth. Great for Earth Day!
Birdorable Pride Flag
Birdorable Pride Flag - Shop cute gifts featuring our Birdorable birds making up a rainbow pride flag design.
Bluebird Map
Bluebird Map - All three North American bluebird species are shown here, arranged on a map of the USA.
Birdorable Iiwis and Flowers
Birdorable Iiwis and Flowers - This cute bird pattern design has our cute cartoon 'I'iwi perched among a bunch of pink hibiscus flowers and other flowers and foliage. This...
Cute Backyard Birds
Cute Backyard Birds - Four common North American species perch together in avian harmony.
Every Vulture
Every Vulture - All of the world's great vulture species are here - all 23 in totally cute Birdorable form!
Five Birdorable Owls
Five Birdorable Owls - It's unlikely you'd find these feathered friends together IRL, but with Birdorable anything is possible.
Flamboyance - All six of the world's flamingos flock together in a flamboyance.
Four Color Owls (dark)
Four Color Owls (dark) - Pop Art owly goodness in dramatic dark tones.
Four Color Owls (pastel)
Four Color Owls (pastel) - Pop Art owl portraits in pastel tones = great gifts for arty bird lovers!
Four Color Warblers
Four Color Warblers - A cute pop-art style design featuring four different Birdorable warbler portraits in colorful boxes.
Larophile - Nine gulls gather together on a beach to celebrate larophiles.
Lovebird Clocks
Lovebird Clocks - Lovebirds help make time fly! Flocks of Birdorable lovebirds are featured on customizable clocks.
Murmuration of Starlings
Murmuration of Starlings - A flock of starlings is at rest in a bare tree. Are they about to take off?
New World Vultures
New World Vultures - The seven vulture species found in the New World are featured in this Birdorable design.
Nine Terns
Nine Terns - Love terns? This design features nine cartoon Birdorable terns. So cute!
North American Waders
North American Waders - It's an adorable waterbird flock! Ten cartoon waders stand together, a rare relaxed moment for these hunters.
Nuthatch Fan
Nuthatch Fan - Red-breasted Nuthatch and the White-breasted Nuthatch feature in this one.
Old World Vultures
Old World Vultures - This design features the faces of all of the vulture species found in the Old World.
Owl Fan
Owl Fan - Hoot, hoot; hoo-aah; toot toot; etc. Look at these adorable owls!
Palms & Nut Vultures
Palms & Nut Vultures - Cute Palm-nut Vultures repeating along with palm-tree fronds.
Penguin Fan
Penguin Fan - Love penguins? Then you are a Penguin Fan, and this cute original design is for you!
Penguin Party
Penguin Party - Six penguins, including a fuzzy baby, sit atop an ice floe. Great for penguin lovers.
Pines & Grosbeaks
Pines & Grosbeaks - Cute apparel and gifts featuring Pine Grosbeaks among the pines.
Siskins & Crossbills & Grosbeaks & Redpolls
Siskins & Crossbills & Grosbeaks & Redpolls - Finches! Finches everywhere! The names of four types of finches are highlighted along with cute cartoon icons for each line.
Snow Birds
Snow Birds - A cute design featuring a bunch of Dark-eyed Juncos (slate-colored) - little snowbirds!
Sparrows - Six cute sparrows shown in profile, all in our Birdorable style!
Spoonbills Rock!
Spoonbills Rock! - Three cute spoonies by Birdorable: they rock!
The Original Nine
The Original Nine - There may be dozens of color mutations, but there are only nine true species of lovebird!
Warbler Fan
Warbler Fan - Five cute Birdorable warblers in a design for warbler fans!