This is our collection of cute Birdorable designs for kids. Perfect for back-to-school time too! Fun, educational apparel and gifts, plus designs inspired by children's stories and games. Remember kids, B is for Birdorable.

Azure-winged Magpie Statistics
Azure-winged Magpie Statistics - Our cute Azure-winged Magpie, explained! Physical attributes and coloration are shown.
Birdorable Alphabet
Birdorable Alphabet - Cute Birdorable birds for letters of the alphabet!
Blue-crowned Conure Statistics
Blue-crowned Conure Statistics - Cute & unique gifts for fans of the Blue-crowned Conure!
Blue-throated Macaw Statistics
Blue-throated Macaw Statistics - Cute & unique gifts for fans of the Blue-throated Macaw!
Colorful Condor
Colorful Condor - A cute gift idea for anyone that appreciates the beautiful Andean Condor!
Colorful Owl
Colorful Owl - Three cute Birdorable owls perch on the colorful word OWL.
Colorful Toucan
Colorful Toucan - Our cute Birdorable Toco Toucan in a colorful design!
Compare Southern and Abyssinian Ground Hornbills
Compare Southern and Abyssinian Ground Hornbills - Can you tell the two Ground Hornbills apart? This cute cartoon design may be able to help!
Coop v Sharpie
Coop v Sharpie - Can't tell your Sharpies from your Coops? No worries, we've got you covered.
Crab-Knot Cycle
Crab-Knot Cycle - Horseshoe crabs and their eggs are so important to North American Red Knots!
Duck Duck Goose
Duck Duck Goose - This cute design features colorful ducks and a Canada Goose. Let's play!
Duck Duck Goose Domestic
Duck Duck Goose Domestic - White barnyard fowl gather for a fun and active game of Duck, Duck, Goose.
Endurance Champ
Endurance Champ - Into long-distance journeys? So are Bar-tailed Godwits. Wow!
Ferruginous Hawk Statistics
Ferruginous Hawk Statistics - Wide gape, iron-like coloring, feathered legs, and more! Ferruginous Hawk statistics.
Goldeneye vs Goldeneye
Goldeneye vs Goldeneye - Which one has the crescent patch? Which one has a lighter back? A cute "field guide" to goldeneyes.
Grebe vs Grebe
Grebe vs Grebe - Know your Clark's from your Western? This cute original cartoon "field guide" design may help!
Horseshoe Crabs are Life
Horseshoe Crabs are Life - A horseshoe crab, eggs, and a Red Knot. An amazing connection!
Know Your Terns
Know Your Terns - Learn the differences between nine different terns with this cute cartoon design!
Monk Parakeet Statistics
Monk Parakeet Statistics - All you wanted to know about Monk Parakeets but were afraid to ask.
Nature's Clean Up Crew
Nature's Clean Up Crew - Share the vulture knowledge with this great design. Did you know that vultures help to keep our environment clean and disease-free?
Peach-faced Lovebird Statistics
Peach-faced Lovebird Statistics - Learn Peach-faced Lovebird facts and figures with this cute original design!
Ruby-throated Hummer Stats
Ruby-throated Hummer Stats - Everything you wanted to know about Ruby-throated Hummingbirds!
Spoon-billed Statistics
Spoon-billed Statistics - Everything you need to know about this cutie's vital statistics.
St Lucia Amazon Statistics
St Lucia Amazon Statistics - An endemic parrot with very colorful plumage - interesting Saint Lucia Amazon facts.
Wigeon vs Wigeon
Wigeon vs Wigeon - Can't tell your wigeons apart? This handy cartoon design from Birdorable may help!
Yellow-headed Greater v Lesser
Yellow-headed Greater v Lesser - Can't tell lessers from greaters? Then you need some swag with this handy original design.
Zebra Finch Statistics
Zebra Finch Statistics - This cute and funny design has a pair of Zebra Finches along with statistics about these striking birds.