Bearded Reedling

About the Bearded Reedling

Also known as: Bearded Tit, Bearded Parrotbill

The Bearded Reedling is a small songbird native to temperate parts of Europe and Asia. It is also known as the Bearded Tit and used to be classified taxinomically with other birds in the Tit family. We have kept it so here at Birdorable, though the bird is currently thought to be in its own unique family.

Bearded Reedlings are sexually dimorphic, meaning that males and females have a different appearance. The species is named in part for the male plumage, though the black feathers around the bird's face resemble more a mustache than a beard.

Bearded Reedlings are resident birds throughout their range, though they may move during the winter if weather becomes particularly harsh. The species has a rather large range and enjoys a conservation status of Least Concern as of March 2014.

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Details & Statistics

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Hatched on 21 March 2014
Scientific Name
Panurus biarmicus
  • Passeriformes
  • Panuridae
  • Panurus
  • P. biarmicus
Conservation Status
Least Concern (as of 4 April 2020)
  • Least Concern (LC)
  • Near Threatened (NT)
  • Vulnerable (VU)
  • Endangered (EN)
  • Critically Endangered (CR)
  • Extinct in the Wild (EW)
  • Extinct (EX)
Source: IUCN Red List
Units: Imperial / Metric
5.7 to 6.7 inches
.39 to .73 ounces

International Names

Chinese (汉语) 文须雀
Czech (Cesky) sýkořice vousatá
Danish (Dansk) Skægmejse
Dutch (Nederlands) Baardman
Finnish (Suomi) viiksitimali
French (Français) Panure à moustaches
German (Deutsch) Bartmeise
Italian (Italiano) Basettino
Japanese (日本語) ヒゲガラ [higegara]
Norwegian (Norsk) Skjeggmeis
Polish (Polski) wąsatka
Russian (русский язык) Усатая синица
Spanish (Español) Bigotudo
Swedish (Svenska) Skäggmes
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