Blue-throated Macaw

About the Blue-throated Macaw
Also known as: Wagler's Macaw, Caninde Macaw

The Blue-throated Macaw is a stunning bird, known for its brilliant blue throat and striking blue stripes down its back, contrasting sharply with its bright yellow underparts. The blue extends to the upper parts of the wings, while the underwings and belly display a vibrant yellow. This macaw's facial skin is primarily white, adorned with lines of tiny black feathers.

Endemic to Bolivia, the Blue-throated Macaw inhabits the savannas and woodlands of the Beni region. Unlike their more flexible relatives, they are highly dependent on the motacú palm for both food and nesting sites. This specialization makes their habitat requirements very specific and limited.

Blue-throated Macaws are gregarious birds often found in small groups. They have a varied diet consisting mostly of fruits and nuts, particularly favoring the hard nuts of the motacú palm, which they are adept at cracking with their strong beaks. The macaws also play a key role in their ecosystem by helping to disperse seeds.

This species is critically endangered due to habitat loss and the illegal pet trade. Conservation efforts are vital to preserve their limited numbers and the very specific habitats they rely on.

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