Blue-winged Macaw

About the Blue-winged Macaw

Also known as: Illiger's Macaw,
The Blue-winged Macaw is a small species of macaw native to parts of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. They can be recognized by their mostly green plumage, namesake blue wings, and red forehead patch. Their yellow eyes often appear orange or orangish.

Blue-winged Macaws feed on fruits, seeds, nuts, and flowers. They are found in forest habitat, and while they are not currently considered to be threatened, they do face habitat loss from deforestation throughout their South American range.

In aviculture, Blue-winged Macaws are called Illiger’s Macaw, named after the German who first described them for science: Johann Karl Wilhelm Illiger.
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Details & Statistics

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Hatched on 04 December 2020
Scientific Name
Primolius maracana
  • Psittaciformes
  • Psittacidae
  • Primolius
  • P. maracana
Birdorable Family
Units: Imperial / Metric
14.2 to 16.9 inches
8.7 to 9.4 ounces

International Names

Brazilian (Português brasileiro) maracanã
Chinese (汉语) 蓝翅金刚鹦鹉
Czech (Cesky) ara marakana
Danish (Dansk) Rødrygget Dværgara
Dutch (Nederlands) Illigers Ara
Finnish (Suomi) brasilianara
French (Français) Ara d'Illiger
German (Deutsch) Blauflügelara
Italian (Italiano) Ara aliblu
Japanese (日本語) アカビタイヒメコンゴウインコ (akabitaihimekongouinko)
Norwegian (Norsk) Rødbukara
Polish (Polski) ara marakana
Portuguese (Português) Maracanã-verdadeira
Russian (русский язык) Красноспинный ара
Spanish (Español) Guacamayo Maracaná
Swedish (Svenska) blåvingad ara
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