Hepatic Tanager

About the Hepatic Tanager
Also known as: Lowland Hepatic Tanager, Red Tanager

The Hepatic Tanager is a beautiful songbird found across the Americas. Males are a rich red with grayish tinges on their back and wings, giving them a "liver-colored" appearance, which is the origin of their name. Females are yellow-orange with olive-gray upperparts, making them less conspicuous but equally attractive.

These tanagers are omnivorous, feeding on insects, fruits, and berries. They are often seen foraging in pairs or small groups, moving through the foliage with deliberate, hopping movements. Their diet and foraging behavior make them important for both pest control and seed dispersal in their ecosystems.

Hepatic Tanagers inhabit a variety of wooded environments, from pine-oak forests in the southwestern United States to tropical forests in Central and South America. They prefer higher elevations and are commonly found in mountainous regions.

These birds have a sweet, clear song and a series of sharp calls, which they use to communicate and establish territories. 

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