Ruddy Turnstone

About the Ruddy Turnstone

The Ruddy Turnstone is a small species of shorebird with a global range that has them breeding in the low Arctic and wintering along ocean coastlines nearly all around the world.

Ruddy Turnstones feed on insects, especially during breeding season, as well as a variety of small aquatic prey items like crustaceans and small fish. These opportunistic feeders will hunt for food by turning over stones (hey!) to seek out prey.

In breeding plumage, as seen in our cute cartoon illustration, Ruddy Turnstones look dapper with black and white detailing around the head and neck; the wings are black and rufous. They can also be recognized by their orange legs and feet, and black beaks. Outside of breeding season, Ruddy Turnstones have a duller, more uniform plumage with brownish upperparts. Males and females are similar in appearance.
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Details & Statistics

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Hatched on 23 November 2021
Scientific Name
Arenaria interpres
  • Charadriiformes
  • Scolopacidae
  • Arenaria
  • A. interpres
Birdorable Family
Units: Imperial / Metric
6.3 to 8.3 inches
19.7 to 22.4 inches
3.0 to 6.7 ounces


International Names

Brazilian (Português brasileiro) vira-pedras
Chinese (汉语) 翻石鹬
Czech (Cesky) kamenáček pestrý
Danish (Dansk) Stenvender
Dutch (Nederlands) Steenloper
Finnish (Suomi) karikukko
French (Français) Tournepierre à collier
German (Deutsch) Steinwälzer
Italian (Italiano) Voltapietre
Japanese (日本語) kyoujoshigi [キョウジョシギ]
Korean (한국어) 꼬까도요
Norwegian (Norsk) Steinvender
Polish (Polski) kamusznik
Portuguese (Português) rola-do-mar
Russian (русский язык) Камнешарка
Spanish (Español) Vuelvepiedras Común
Swedish (Svenska) roskarl
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