American Pipit

About the American Pipit
Also known as: Buff-bellied Pipit, Brown Lark, Water Pipit, Japanese Pipit, Siberian Pipit
The American Pipit is a small species of songbird found across parts of North America and Asia. Outside of North America, the species is known as the Buff-bellied Pipit. The species was formerly considered to be a subspecies of the Water Pipit.

American Pipits are migratory birds. Across North America, birds breed in Canada and Alaska; winters are spent in southern North America and through Central America. Asian birds likewise breed in northern areas, including Siberia, and winter in south and central parts of Asia.

American Pipits are ground-nesters, placing a cup made of dried vegetation directly on the ground of their tundra breeding habitat. They tend to feed on the ground as well, gleaning prey from the ground or low-hanging vegetation.
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