Black-crested Titmouse

About the Black-crested Titmouse
Also known as: Texas Tufted Titmouse

The Black-crested Titmouse is a striking bird found in central and southern Texas and northeastern Mexico. It features a prominent black crest on its head, contrasting sharply with its gray upperparts and pale underparts. Its eyes are large and dark, giving it an alert expression.

This bird thrives in oak and mesquite woodlands, as well as in suburban areas with plenty of trees. It is a resident species, meaning it doesn't migrate and can be seen year-round within its range.

Black-crested Titmice are energetic and curious, often seen flitting through tree canopies in search of food. Their diet consists of insects, seeds, and berries. They are frequent visitors to bird feeders, particularly enjoying sunflower seeds and suet.

Their song is a clear, whistled "peter-peter-peter," similar to that of the Tufted Titmouse but slightly more nasal. During the breeding season, they nest in natural cavities or birdhouses. Both parents share the responsibilities of building the nest and feeding the chicks.

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Fun Facts: Black-crested Titmouse

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