Black-necked Crane

About the Black-necked Crane
Black-necked Crane

The Black-necked Crane is a medium-sized species of crane found in parts of Asia. They have a mostly grey plumage, with its namesake black along the neck and back of the head. The crown is bare red skin and there is a small patch of white feathers behind the eye.

Black-necked Cranes feed on a variety of food items, including earthworms, frogs, and plant roots. They often forage together in small groups, probing the ground for food. During feeding, one bird might act as a sentinel, looking for predators or other dangers as the other birds concentrate on foraging.

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The Black-necked Crane is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List and was last assessed in 2012 by BirdLife International. This species is classified as Vulnerable because it has a single small population that is in decline owing to the loss and degradation of wetlands, and changing agricultural practices in both its breeding and wintering grounds. However, the population has apparently increased in recent years, and if these increases prove to be genuine and sustained then downlisting to a lower threat category may be appropriate.

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