Blue-billed Curassow

About the Blue-billed Curassow
Also known as: Albert's Currassow, Annulated Curassow, Blue-knobbed Curassow, Blue-bellied Curassow,
The Blue-billed Curassow is a species of bird found only in Colombia, in South America. It belongs to the Cracidae family, which includes chachalacas, guans and curassows. They have a mostly black plumage with a white vent and white barring at the end of the tail. Both males and females have a crest at the top of the head made of curly feathers, which gives them a unique look.

This species feeds mainly on the ground, where it eats a variety of insects and worms. They also feed on fruits and other plant material. Blue-billed Curassows also take in gravel or sand as an aid to digestion.
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