Boreal Chickadee

About the Boreal Chickadee
Also known as: Hudsonian, Acadian Chickadee

The boreal chickadee is a small songbird native to the boreal forests of North America. Easily identified by its brown cap, grayish-brown back, and distinctive buff-colored sides, its throat and bib are dark, contrasting with its white cheeks.

Boreal chickadees inhabit coniferous forests, particularly those dominated by spruce and fir trees. They are active foragers, feeding on insects, spiders, and seeds. In preparation for winter, they cache food in tree bark and other hidden spots to ensure a steady food supply during harsh weather.

These birds have a distinctive, hoarse "chick-a-dee-dee" call, which differs from other chickadees. Boreal chickadees are non-migratory and endure cold winters by fluffing up their feathers to retain body heat and reducing their activity.

They nest in tree cavities, often excavating their own or using old woodpecker holes. Their nests are lined with fur, feathers, and moss. Both parents share in feeding and caring for the chicks.

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