Bourke's Parrot

About the Bourke's Parrot
Also known as: Bourke's Parakeet, Bourkie, Bourke Parakeet, Bourke Grass Keet, Rosey Borke, Rosy Bourke

The Bourke's Parrot is a small parrot native to Australia. It is the only species in its genus - Neopsephotus. They are sometimes placed in the genus Neophema; today there is ongoing discussion among experts regarding the proper taxonomic placement of the Bourke's Parrot. It is a grass parrot - indeed one of its alternate names is "Bourke Grass Keet." The name comes from General Sir Richard Bourke, Governor of New South Wales during the 1830's. They have buffy brown bodies with rosy-pink breasts and blue rumps.

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