Brant Goose

About the Brant Goose
Also known as: Brant, Brent, Brent Goose, American Brant, Atlantic Brent, Black Brant, Black Brent, Dark-bellied Brent, Dark-bellied Brant, Pale-bellied Brant Goose, Light-bellied Brent, Pacific Brent, Russian Brent, White-bellied Brant, White-bellied Brent

The Brant Goose is a species of goose that has three distinct subspecies. They are fairly widespread across the northern hemisphere.

American birds are known as "Brant Goose" or simply "Brant" and are of the "Black Brant" subspecies. The other two subspecies are generally known as "Brent" or "Brent Goose" in their range over parts of Europe and Asia. The subspecies are Dark-bellied and Pale-bellied and are occasionally sighted in North America.

The Brant Goose is traditionally a coastal species outside of breeding season, but in recent years has taken to feeding on agricultural lands with other species of goose. The global population of this species has risen dramatically during the mid-to-late twentieth century.

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