Diamond Dove

About the Diamond Dove
Also known as: Diamant Dove

The Diamond Dove is one of the smallest dove species in Australia. Its name reflects the delicate, diamond-shaped markings found on its wings and the pale spots that speckle its otherwise grey body. The face is distinguished by a remarkable red eye ring, which adds a splash of color to its subdued plumage.

In behavior, Diamond Doves are known for their gentle and unassuming nature. They are ground feeders, preferring to pick up seeds and small insects from the dusty outback terrain. These doves are monogamous, often seen in pairs, and exhibit strong pair bonds with soft cooing calls that reinforce their connection.

Their habitat spans across the arid and semi-arid areas of central and northern Australia, where they favor areas near waterholes. Despite their delicate appearance, they are hardy birds, adept at surviving in the harsh conditions of their environment. Diamond Doves make nests of twigs, where they lay two white eggs.

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