Crested Pigeon

About the Crested Pigeon
Also known as: Crested Bronze-winged Pigeon

In the diverse avian world, the Crested Pigeon holds a special place with its distinctive appearance and unique behaviors. Native to Australia, this bird is an engaging subject for older kids who are curious about different bird species.

The Crested Pigeon is easily identifiable by its plump body and notable tall crest that adorns the top of its head. The bird's plumage is primarily grey, with a pink wash to the flanks and a remarkable iridescent sheen on the ends of its wings, which displays shades of green and purple in the sunlight. The upper wings have thin black bars. 

Crested Pigeons are gregarious and often found in social flocks. They are commonly found throughout most of mainland Australia, particularly in lightly wooded and grassy areas, as well as in developed, urban spaces.


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