African Green Pigeon

About the African Green Pigeon
Also known as: African Fruit-Pigeon, Bare-faced Green Pigeon, Delalande's Green Pigeon, Green Pigeon

The African Green Pigeon is a colorful and eye-catching bird, sporting a vibrant blend of green and yellow plumage that allows it to blend seamlessly into the foliage of its habitat. Distinctive features include its maroon shoulder patches and bright orange beak, setting it apart from more typical, drab-colored pigeons.

Unlike many pigeon species that forage on the ground, the African Green Pigeon is arboreal, spending most of its time in trees. Its zygodactyl feet — two toes facing forward and two backward — make it adept at maneuvering among branches. This adaptation is crucial for feeding primarily on fruits, particularly figs, which it plucks from the branches with ease.

Found across sub-Saharan Africa, this pigeon favors woodland and forest habitats, particularly those dotted with fruiting trees. It is a gregarious bird, often seen in flocks, which helps in locating food sources. During the breeding season, pairs become more territorial and construct simple nests in trees where they lay their eggs.

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