African Fish-Eagle

About the African Fish-Eagle
Also known as: African Sea-Eagle, River Eagle

The African Fish-Eagle is a striking bird, easily recognizable by its deep chestnut body, white head and tail, and powerful, hooked black beak. It's often seen perched majestically in tall trees near freshwater lakes, rivers, or along some coastlines.

This raptor is known for its hunting prowess. It primarily feeds on fish, which it catches with sudden, dramatic swoops from its perch or while soaring overhead. Its sharp talons and strong flight make it a formidable fisher. The African Fish-Eagle is also known to opportunistically snatch birds, small mammals, and even carrion when available.

Vocally, this eagle is highly expressive; its loud, ringing call is one of the classic sounds of African landscapes. It serves both as a territorial marker and a form of communication between mated pairs, which are often monogamous and mate for life.

These birds prefer habitats that are rich in water bodies, as these are crucial for their fishing habits. They thrive around lakes, rivers, and estuaries, which also provide nesting sites typically in large trees or sometimes on cliffs.

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