Crested Partridge

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Also known as: Crested Wood Partridge, Roul-Roul, Red-crowned Wood Partridge, Green Wood Quail, Green Wood Partridge, Crested Green Wood Partridge
The Crested Partridge is a species related to pheasants. This gamebird is native to parts of southeast Asia, including Burma, Thailand, and Malaysia. They are known by several other names, including Crested Wood Partridge, Roul-Roul, Red-crowned Wood Partridge, and Green Wood Quail.

The Crested Partridge can be recognized by its round body shape and red patch around the eye. Males have a prominent red crest and a mostly dark glossy body plumage. Females have a brownish-green body plumage highlighted by brown wing coverts.

Crested Partridges are often found in zoos and aviaries. In the wild they prefer to run from danger although it is able to fly short distances. This is a mostly ground-dwelling species that feeds, roosts, and nests on the ground.
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