Common Pheasant

About the Common Pheasant
Also known as: Pheasant, Ring-necked Pheasant, Chinese Pheasant, Japanese Pheasant, Green Pheasant

The Common Pheasant is a type of game bird originally native to parts of Asia and Russia. In some parts of the world the species is known simply as Pheasant. The bird has been widely introduced in other parts of the world. The male is wildly colored, with most having long tails as well as dark iridescent green heads with red wattles.

Common Pheasants are gregarious and will flock when it is not breeding season. In breeding season the polygamous males will often have a harem of females. These birds are flighted but are more commonly seen running along the ground when seeking cover. Despite being ground foragers and ground nesters, they generally roost for the night in trees.

Common Pheasants were introduced to North America in the 1850's as a game bird. The species is able to thrive in a variety of climates; in the United States they can most commonly be found across the Great Plains.

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