Red Junglefowl

About the Red Junglefowl
Also known as: Wild Junglefowl

The Red Junglefowl is a tropical species found across Southeast and South Asia. These colorful birds are a primary ancestor of the modern domestic chicken. It is believed that the chicken was domesticated approximately 8000 years ago, with genes from the three other existing species of junglefowl also contributing to our farmyard familiar.

Male Red Junglefowl can be recognized by their long, dark iridescent tail feathers, golden hackles, and flashy, fleshy red comb and wattles. Females are smaller and have a cryptic plumage for camouflage.

Red Junglefowl can be found in a variety of tropical and subtropical habitats, including mangroves, forest, and cultivated land. Their diet is varied; they find food by scratching at the ground and picking at food items like seeds, fruits, ants, termites, and more.

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