Vietnam Pheasant

About the Vietnam Pheasant
Also known as: Edwards's Pheasant, Vietnamese Pheasant
The Vietnam Pheasant, formerly known as Edwards's Pheasant, is a Critically Endangered species endemic to rainforest habitat in Vietnam.

Little is known about some of the wild behaviors of these birds; their diet is assumed to be omnivorous, consisting of foraged foods including seeds, leaves, worms and insects. The courtship ritual performed by males is thought to be a simple display of flapping wings, raising crest, and fluffing back feathers.

A breeding and reintroduction program, led by several cooperating conservation organizations, is working to reintroduce the Vietnam Pheasant back into its natural habitat. Part of the conservation effort includes renaming the species; some taxonomies still use the old name for the species Lophura edwardsi.

The male Vietnam Pheasant, like our cute cartoon Birdorable bird, has a short, white head crest, and a dark, shiny blue body plumage. The male bird can also be recognized by its bright red face wattles, red legs, and red feet. Female Vietnam Pheasants have a dull brown body plumage, which helps keep them safe and camouflaged in their low forest habitat while foraging and incubating eggs.

The scientific name for the Vietnam Pheasant is Lophura edwardsi, meant to honor French ornithologist Alphonse Milne-Edwards.
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