Crested Owl

About the Crested Owl

The Crested Owl is a striking bird native to the lowland rainforests of Central and South America. This medium-sized owl is known for its prominent feathered tufts that resemble ears, which are actually just feathers and not ears at all. Its plumage is a mottled brown and black, which provides excellent camouflage in its dense forest habitat. The face is dominated by a heart-shaped facial disk, rimmed with a contrasting pale color, and large dark eyes that enhance its night vision.

Crested Owls are nocturnal hunters, specializing in capturing insects, small mammals, and occasionally other small birds during the night. By day, they roost quietly in thick vegetation, making them difficult to spot. They are known for their eerie, high-pitched calls that can often be heard at dusk and throughout the night.

Their preferred habitats include dense tropical rainforests and areas with abundant old-growth trees. These owls are generally solitary and are known to nest in tree cavities, playing a crucial role in controlling local pest populations. While not currently considered endangered, the preservation of their rainforest home is essential for maintaining healthy populations.

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