Great Horned Owl

About the Great Horned Owl
Also known as: Hoot Owl, Cat Owl, Winged Tiger

The Great Horned Owl is a formidable bird of prey, notable for its large size, powerful build, and striking appearance. It features prominent ear tufts, which resemble horns, a characteristic that gives this species its name. The plumage is generally a mottled mix of browns and grays, which provides excellent camouflage against tree bark. Its face is framed by a distinctive ruff of feathers that enhances its intense yellow eyes.

Found throughout North America, from the Arctic tundras to tropical rainforests in Central America, the Great Horned Owl is among the most widespread and adaptable of North American owls. It favors a variety of habitats including forests, swamps, deserts, and urban parks.

This owl is known for its incredible strength, capable of taking down birds and mammals much larger than itself, including hawks and even other owls. Its diet is diverse, also including smaller prey like rodents, rabbits, and skunks. Great Horned Owls are primarily nocturnal hunters, using their acute hearing and silent flight to stalk prey under the cover of night.

They nest in a variety of locations, often taking over nests built by other large birds. Breeding season sees these owls becoming fiercely territorial, often hooting loudly to proclaim their domain. Known for their resilience and presence in folklore, Great Horned Owls hold a revered place in many cultures.

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