Great Kiskadee

About the Great Kiskadee
Also known as: Derby Flycatcher, Kiskadee Flycatcher

The Great Kiskadee is a vibrant and energetic bird, easily recognized by its bold colors and distinctive call. It has a bright yellow belly and breast, a rich brown back and wings, and a striking black-and-white head pattern. The bird's head features a broad white eyebrow stripe, a black mask extending from the beak through the eyes, and a small yellow crown patch that is often hidden.

This bird is native to the Americas, found from southern Texas and Mexico through Central America to Argentina. The Great Kiskadee thrives in a variety of habitats, including forests, savannas, urban areas, and near water bodies. It is highly adaptable and can often be seen perching conspicuously on trees, wires, and fences.

The Great Kiskadee is an omnivorous feeder, known for its aggressive hunting style. It catches insects in flight, snatches small vertebrates like frogs and lizards, and even dives into water to catch fish. It also consumes fruits and berries, making it a versatile forager.

During the breeding season, the Great Kiskadee builds a large, domed nest with a side entrance, using grass, twigs, and other plant materials. The nest is usually placed in trees or shrubs, well-hidden from predators. Its loud, distinctive call, which sounds like "kis-ka-dee," is a familiar sound in its range, used for communication and to establish territory.

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