Say's Phoebe

About the Say's Phoebe
Also known as: Say's Flycatcher, Yukon Phoebe

Say's Phoebe is a slender, medium-sized flycatcher known for its soft, cinnamon-colored belly and underparts. Its upperparts are primarily grayish-brown, while its head, back, and tail have a darker, more sooty hue. This bird has a slight crest and a thin, black bill. 

Say's Phoebe is often found in open, arid environments across western North America, from grasslands and deserts to agricultural areas. It frequently perches on fence posts, low shrubs, and buildings, where it can easily spot and catch insects. This bird is adept at flycatching, launching from a perch to snatch flying insects mid-air.

During the breeding season, Say's Phoebe builds its nest in sheltered locations such as cliffs, buildings, and even in old machinery. The nest is typically constructed from mud, grass, and other plant materials. Unlike many birds, Say's Phoebe doesn't shy away from human structures, often choosing to nest in eaves and porches.

Say's Phoebe is a migratory species, wintering in Mexico and the southwestern United States. Its call is a characteristic, plaintive "pee-wee" sound, which it uses to communicate with mates and establish territory.

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