Collared Flycatcher

About the Collared Flycatcher
Also known as: White-collared Flycatcher

The Collared Flycatcher is a strikingly marked small bird, notable for its contrasting black and white plumage. Males are particularly eye-catching with a glossy black head, back, and tail, and a bright white collar that gives the species its name. Females and juveniles are more subdued, with brownish tones replacing the black.

This bird breeds in deciduous forests across Europe and western Asia. It prefers habitats with mature trees and open spaces, often near water. During the breeding season, the Collared Flycatcher is an active insect hunter, catching insects mid-air or picking them off leaves and branches. Its agile flight and quick movements make it a fascinating bird to observe.

The Collared Flycatcher nests in tree cavities or nest boxes, lining them with moss, grass, and feathers. Males are known for their distinctive song, a melodic and varied series of notes, used to attract females and defend territory. They are also polygynous, with some males maintaining multiple mates. 

In winter, the Collared Flycatcher migrates to sub-Saharan Africa, traveling long distances to escape the cold European winters. This migration showcases their incredible endurance and adaptability to different environments throughout the year.

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