Plain Xenops

About the Plain Xenops
Also known as: Little Xenops

The Plain Xenops is a species of non-migratory songbird that lives across northern and eastern parts of Central and South America. They are somewhat secretive, living in forest habitat. They forage about tree trunks, moving in all directions much like a creeper.

The Xenops genus belongs to the ovenbird, or Furnariidae, family of birds. These birds build oven-like clay nests, though the Plain Xenops' nest is not as elaborate as some others in this family. There are three species in the Xenops genus: Plain Xenops; Streaked Xenops; and Slender-billed Xenops.

The Plain Xenops has a very large natural range and the conservation status for the species is Least Concern as of October 2014.

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