Plain Chachalaca

About the Plain Chachalaca
Also known as: Eastern Chachalaca, Mexican Guan, Texas Guan, Texas Chachalaca

The Plain Chachalaca, a sizeable bird belonging to the family that includes Curassows and Guans, is predominantly found in the eastern regions of Mexico, extending through Nicaragua and Costa Rica. This species even reaches the southernmost parts of Texas in the United States, marking the northern limit of its range.

Notable for their ground-dwelling habits, Plain Chachalacas are more inclined to run or move swiftly on the ground when sensing danger, rather than taking immediate flight. This behavior is a distinctive trait that sets them apart from many other bird species.

Another remarkable characteristic of the Plain Chachalaca is its loud and distinctive vocalization, often described as cacophonous. Their call, which resonates with a pronounced 'cha-cha-lac' sound, is not only the source of their name but also a signature feature that makes these birds easily recognizable. This vocal display, particularly prominent during the breeding season, is a vital part of their social interaction and territorial behavior.

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