Eastern Kingbird

About the Eastern Kingbird
Eastern Kingbird
The Eastern Kingbird is a large species of flycatcher with a widespread breeding range across much of North America. These migratory birds spend the winter across western parts of South America.

Eastern Kingbirds can be recognized by their dapper plumage of black upperparts and white underparts. The black tail is tipped in white. Males and females look alike.

The scientific name of the Eastern Kingbird is Tryannus tyrannus. Tyrannus translates to “tyrant” or “king” and refers to the aggressive behavior of Eastern Kingbirds, especially when it comes to defending their nesting territory.

Eastern Kingbirds, like other flycatcher species, feed mainly on insects during the breeding season. They usually hunt from a stationary perch and either catch insects on the wing or pounce on prey on the ground. Outside of breeding, they also dine on fruits, seeds, and other plant material.
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