Eastern Bluebird

About the Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebird is a small North American songbird celebrated for its vibrant coloring and sweet songs. The males are particularly striking with bright blue upperparts and a rusty red breast, while females are more subdued with grayish-blue wings and a lighter underbelly. These birds are about 16-21 cm in length, making them a delightful sight against the backdrop of their natural habitats.

Eastern Bluebirds inhabit open woodlands, farmlands, and gardens. They are often spotted perched on telephone wires or fence posts, scanning the ground for insects and other invertebrates. During the winter, they switch to a diet that includes berries and small fruits.

Behaviorally, these birds are territorial during breeding season, with males vividly defending their nesting areas. They prefer to nest in cavities, often utilizing natural tree holes or nesting boxes provided by enthusiasts. The provision of nesting boxes has helped in the recovery of their populations, which once declined due to habitat loss.

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