Wood Thrush

About the Wood Thrush
Also known as: Wood Robin, Bell Bird
Wood Thrush

The Wood Thrush is a medium-sized songbird. It is related to the familiar American Robin and other birds in the thrush family.

Wood Thrushes have a warm brownish body plumage, with a white breast. The underparts are spotted with bold, dark spots. They have a white eyering. Males and females look alike.

Wood Thrushes are known for the beautiful, melodic song sung by males in the spring and early summer. Wood Thrushes have two sets of (the equivalent of) vocal cords, so they can essentially have a duet with themselves!

The Wood Thrush is found in a very large range, with breeding occurring across much of the eastern part of the United States. Wood Thrushes migrate down to southern Central America to spend the winter. Their conservation status is Near Threatened as of November 2014.

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