Western Screech-Owl

About the Western Screech-Owl
Also known as: Western Screech-Owl

The Western Screech Owl is a compact raptor, notable for its "ear" tufts and mottled plumage that mimics the bark of trees. This effective camouflage helps it avoid predators and surprise prey. Their feathers are a mix of gray, brown, and white, providing excellent concealment in their natural habitat.

These owls are nocturnal hunters, preying on a variety of insects, small mammals, and occasionally other small birds. They hunt from perches, swooping down silently on their prey thanks to their soft-edged feathers that reduce flight noise. The Western Screech Owl is also known for its haunting trills and whistles, sounds that add to the mystique of the night.

Habitat-wise, they are found throughout the western regions of North America, from Alaska to Mexico, preferring open woodlands, streamside forests, and suburban areas with mature trees. Their presence in diverse environments highlights their adaptability, though habitat loss and competition for nesting sites pose challenges.

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